Necklaces and Neckline

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Necklaces and Neckline

Necklaces and neckline, what to wear?  Its a question we get almost daily! Finding the right necklace to wear with your neckline can sometimes be a challenge for a lot of us.  This is simply because we are generally so focused on colors that we tend to miss how important shape and size fits into the equation.  Jewelry, however, can become a major focal point in your overall look so choosing the right necklace and neckline can truly compliment and bolster your entire look.  Jewelry has become an explosive trend in the fashion world so here are a few tips (and a handy chart) to help you choose the right necklace to compliment the neckline you will be wearing.

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Strapless – Necklaces and Neckline

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All styles of jewelry will compliment a strapless top – however, just be aware that a strapless top exposes a lot of skin and can call attention to your bust, especially if you have a larger chest.

Necklace styles to consider:

  • A choker necklace with crystals and gems
  • A drop necklace
  • A short multi-layered statement choker necklace.

Take into consideration the embellishment and color that is already on your top and choose jewelry that will work with it.


V-Neck – Necklaces and Neckline

V-Neck Neckline Examples

The trick with a V-neck top is to repeat the shape of the v-neck neckline and draw attention to your cleavage.  This makes a v-neck top perfect for showing off your favorite pendant. Make sure the necklace is the optimum length – you need for it to stop about 1-2 inches above the “V”.

Necklace styles to consider:

  • A “V” or “Y” drop necklace.
  • A slim pendant
  • A strand of beads or pearls
  • A strand of crystals or gems


Halter – Necklaces and Neckline

Halter Neckline Examples

The designs of the halter neck top often times does not really lend to a necklace. If you have chosen a halter neckline, you may want to consider utilizing a statement pair of earrings that suit the style of your occasion.

Necklace styles to consider:

  • A slim pendant necklace that falls about 2-3 inches above the start of your bust line.
  • A super long necklace that falls well below the end of the neckline
  • A back necklace that falls down your back.  These necklaces can be somewhat challenging to pull off, however.

Sweetheart – Necklaces and Neckline

Sweetheart Neckline Examples

The neckline on a sweetheart top is eye-catching all on its own – so be careful not to over-do your accessories – keep it simple.

Necklace styles to consider:

  • A short necklace with beads, gems or interesting pattern
  • A simple choker necklace
  • A gold, silver, copper or brass chain with a delicate drop embellishment.
  • Add a decorative charm or clasp to your necklace to add a little style and glamour.


Scoop – Necklaces and Neckline

Scoop Neckline Examples

This neckline is another that will be complemented by a variety of necklaces.

Necklace styles to consider:

  • A dramatic multi-strand necklace in pearl, gemstone or crystal
  • A short statement necklace with volume
  • Single or double-stranded necklaces
  • Choker necklaces
  • Delicate “Y’ necklaces
  • A stunning pendant
  • Antique-inspired necklaces (all the rage right now)

Off-the-Shoulder – Necklaces and Neckline

Off-the-Shoulder Neckline Examples

Another top which will show a lot of skin – but which will let you be as simple or dramatic as you want with your choice of necklace. Just remember…. select jewelry that complements your fabric color and print.  Also, you don’t want the necklace to end too close to the neckline of your dress.

Necklace styles to consider:

  • A choker necklace can be very flattering
  • An asymmetric necklace that pulls the eye across the chest.
  • An elaborate necklace with lots of bling

Square – Necklaces and Neckline

Square Neckline Examples

The square neckline really draws attention to your neck.

Necklace styles to consider:

  • Chokers are very stunning – consider a wide, multi-strand choker
  • An angular pendant that draws the eye downward.
  • A simple or dramatic single or double-stranded necklace
  • A cameo or locket necklace

Turtleneck – Necklaces and Necklines

Turtleneck Neckline Examples

A turtleneck covers all skin so it's a great time to add some serious FLARE to your top.

Necklace styles to consider:

  • A dramatic and bold statement piece
  • A bold long beaded or gem embellished necklace
  • A long drop pendant

Crew – Necklaces and Necklines

Crew Neckline Examples

The crew neck is the easiest to pair with a necklace because it comes up to the neckline and looks great with most necklaces. Sometimes it’s best to go simple and forgo a necklace especially if the rest of your outfit is busy.

Necklace styles to consider;

  • A round statement necklace will add more style to a plain crew neck top.
  • A collar necklace or bib necklace
  • A delicate pendant that shows up on the top for a more subtle look

Collared – Necklaces and Neckline

Collared Neckline Examples

Pairing button-ups with a statement necklace can be an awesome match.  A button-up shirt is a fundamental piece of clothing for any workweek. Adding the right necklace will give it that feminine appeal.

Necklace styles to consider:

  • Button your shirt fully and pair it with a bib necklace.  The necklace can be looped under the collar so it peeks out the front.  If you don’t like your shirts fully buttoned, a collar necklace still looks stunning when tucked inside the shirt. This also tones down its bold appearance if you’re looking to be less daring.
  • Short, layered necklaces (inside or outside the collar)
  • Beaded necklaces that you can layer.
  • Long necklaces.  The classic around-the-collar style can be too close for comfort on some people. A long necklace over the shirt gives you more breathing room and a lively appearance. Draping long necklaces one also keeps the eye centered, which makes you appear thinner. Keep in mind that you don’t want the necklace too long, or it will get lost among the buttons.

Boat  – Necklaces and Neckline

Boat Neckline Examples

This type of shirt is also referred to as a bateau neck. It is characteristically wide and the neckline runs horizontally from front to back.

Necklaces to consider:

  • A long strand of beads or long statement pendant
  • A layered necklace
  • Bib necklace with a pop of color

Cowl – Necklaces and Neckline

This neckline is already detailed and has volume, so you may wish to choose only featured earrings instead of a necklace.

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