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Wicked Wonders VIP Bling

Wicked Wonders VIP Bling

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Here is a brief list of frequently asked questions.

Are the items real gold, silver, copper, brass ETC?

All of our items are made of various metal combinations and all are environmentally friendly.  Great consideration is taken when choosing the products we offer and to make certain they are safe and of high quality.  We do carry many stainless steel and sterling silver items as well.  Item listings will specify these details.

Do you have a physical store location?

Our boutique is online only for a very specific reason.  It is our mission to bring you amazing items at affordable prices.  Having brick and mortar locations would raise company overhead and hence product pricing.  For this reason alone, we will always remain an online boutique.  We are confident that you will love your shopping experience here.  If you ever have any questions, you can contact us 24-7 and we will go out of our way to answer your questions in a timely manner.

Where are my items shipping from?

Our company is located in sunny Palm Beach County Florida.  Being a Florida based business is a distinct advantage with regard to weather.  Unless we get a hurricane (which is very rare), there isn’t much weather holding back shipments in Florida.  Its summer all the time so we are notoriously known for consistently fast shipments.

Can I pick up my order?

Due to the immense volume, we sell each week, it is impossible for us to arrange local pick-ups. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Wicked Wonders VIP Bling

How much is shipping?

Shipping as follows to orders shipping to a United States address:

For orders subtotaling $.01 to $34.99 is $4.95 (insured shipping $8.45)
Orders $35.00 and over is FREE (insured shipping $3.50)
Shipping as follows to orders shipping to a Canadian address:
Shipping is calculated automatically based upon region and postal code.  You will see the charges outlined in your cart.  
Shipping as follows to orders shipping to a US Territory address:
Shipping is calculated automatically based upon region and postal code.  You will see the charges outlined in your cart.

For all shipping details, CLICK HERE.

How do I pay?

Payment options are listed at the bottom of the page.  We update our offerings from time to time, but our preferred payment option is PayPal.  All PayPal payments are secure via the website and we never see your financial information. 

I need help. How can I contact you?

CLICK HERE for all our contact info and ways to stay connected.

What is your return policy?

To read our return policy please CLICK HERE.


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