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Earring Lifters From Wicked Wonders

Earring Lifters From Wicked Wonders


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Love heavy earrings and statement earrings?  Have stretched lobes or a bad piercing?  Do any of these cause your earrings to droop?  WE HAVE THE ANSWER!  Magical~Backs from Wicked Wonders are SO EASY TO USE!  Select your Magical~Backs (Make sure the heart is facing upwards).  Slide the post of your earring in as you would with any earring back and voila, your earrings lift up and display the way they should.  The lifters also make heavy earrings comfortable as they now will have support against the back of your earlobe!  These lifters will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  You have seen similar products on TV selling for $19.99 - $29.99.  Get ours here for only $5.99 per pair!  You only need one pair as they can literally be worn with any post earring!  

Perfect for heavy earrings, bad piercings, and stretched lobes.
Firmly secures earrings into place.
Designed to be comfortable and secure.
Simply slide the earring post into the Magical~Back, just like any earring back.
Designed to be adjustable to fit any size earring post.


We currently have 57 in stock.


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