Why do we celebrate Valentines Day and how did it all get started?

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On one glorious day of the year, we Americans celebrate love. We search for the perfect gift to honor the person we love most, but how did it come to be that we celebrate Valentines Day in this way? Considering its bloody history, how is it that we exchange gifts and celebrate loving relationships on a day historically marred in carnage?

It was during the 18th century that Valentines Day became associated with lovers and celebrated as we do today with sweethearts exchanging gifts. This was at least 200 years ago. But, why do we celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th and where do the holiday customs come from?

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The history of Valentine’s Day originated during the third century in Rome. During this time, Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers, so he made marriage illegal for young men. A young priest named Valentine was very upset with this injustice and defied the Emperor by performing marriages for young lovers in behind the veil of secrecy.

The Emperor Claudius eventually found out about Valentine’s actions and immediately sentenced him to death. While awaiting his fate in jail, Valentine fell in love with his guard’s daughter. Before he was put to death, Valentine sent a letter to the girl and signed it, “From Your Valentine”. This is a sentiment we still use today. Valentine was executed on February 14, 270 AD. Hundreds of years later, around 496 AD, February 14 was declared a day to honor Valentine who had since be named a saint.

Each year we continue to honor St. Valentine but celebrating our love for others. For thousands of years, the middle of February has been a time for fertility festival celebrations, so it is no wonder Valentine’s Day flowers are often the Valentine’s Day gift of choice around this time of year. For centuries, flowers have symbolized fertility, love, marriage, and romance.

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The history of giving your loved one Valentine’s Day flowers comes from the old-fashioned custom of sending bouquets to convey non-verbal messages. Introduced in the 18th century by Charles II of Sweden, each flower had a specific meaning attached to it. This made it possible to have an entire conversation using only flowers. Today, we continue to send flowers to express sentiments of love and admiration.  In addition to flowers, other contemporary symbols of Valentine’s Day include chocolates, candy hearts, jewelry and cards. According to the U.S. Greeting Card Association, approximately one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year worldwide, making it the second largest card-sending holiday. In addition, a staggering 20% of annual jewelry sales can be attributed to Valentines Day! Yes, that’s right! 20%! Most retailers (especially jewelers) base entire marketing campaigns specifically focused on Valentines Day to encourage purchases.

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