What Can Jewelry Reveal About Your Personality?

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What can jewelry reveal about your personality?

We meet new people every day and in an instant, we surmise who they are and what they are about. The clothes they wear, the manner in which they speak, the way they style their hair AND the type of jewelry they wear all combine to make a statement about who people are.  SO! What can jewelry reveal about your personality?  We identify ourselves to others in many ways with the jewelry that we choose. What do you think your jewelry says about you?
Here are several general personality types:

Down-to-Earth Personalities – What can jewelry reveal about your personality?

Down-to-earth people are nature lovers. They typically choose to wear materials indicative of items found in nature and those with an eclectic flair. Turquoise items, whimsical bangles, and items made with seashells are typically a draw for down-to-earth folks. If you are down-to-earth, you probably enjoy the outdoors and have an awareness of the world around you. You also probably tend to gravitate toward earthy tones such as brown, beige, forest green and ocean blue.

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Elegant and Classic – What can jewelry reveal about your personality?

These people are often very traditional and focused on family. They prefer a quiet get together with close friends to a night out on the town. There are people who prefer elegant and simple jewelry such as pearl earrings and necklaces. They have classic tastes in furniture and clothing. Their poise and calm demeanor would make them noticeable from across a crowded room.

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Fun-Loving Personalities – What can jewelry reveal about your personality?

Do you wear large pieces of jewelry? Perhaps you prefer large or over-sized hoop earrings? Maybe a thick statement necklace or an elaborate ring? Fun-Loving personalities are the ones that are generally the life-of-the-party. People gravitate to these strong personalities because they are very fun to be around. They are generous, loving and almost always in a good mood.

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Matchy-Matchy People – What can jewelry reveal about your personality?

Are you super neat, responsible and organized? Do you tend to wear jewelry in matched sets? Matchy-Matchy folks have “color coordinated” personalities and may wear a gold necklace with matching earrings, or elegant silver bracelets that match the color of their shoes perfectly. They are gracious hosts and excellent conversationalists who are often sought out for advice. Our trend blend complete sets are PERFECT for this personality type as our stylists do all the “matching” for you!

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Out-of-the-Box Trendsetters – What can jewelry reveal about your personality?

Trendsetters make bold statements with their jewelry by wearing rare, unusual or vintage pieces. They want jewelry that stands out and is different from the norm. These people can often be found in antique stores, thrift stores, and estate sales, searching for that perfect piece of jewelry that fits their individualistic style and character. They don’t care what celebrities are wearing or what is trendy. They don’t care much about brand names. For them, what they wear is more than a statement; it is a form of art that they pride themselves in sharing with the world.

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Shower and Go Folks – What can jewelry reveal about your personality?

People that wear on-the-go jewelry, such as tennis bracelets and necklaces with pendants, tend to have an active and fast-paced life. Their jewelry needs to be able to fit into their energetic and athletic lifestyle. They want to look good without giving up the things they enjoy doing. They are also highly motivated and love jewelry engraved with inspirational sayings.

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The Best of the Best – What can jewelry reveal about your personality?

If you fit into the best of the best personality type, then everything you wear is chosen with great care and significant attention to detail. You rarely settle for second best and move forward through with your life decisions with break-neck speed and decisiveness. You always set lofty goals for yourself and fully expect that those goals will always be reached. When you buy jewelry, you make sure it is going to be the piece that you want and will settle for nothing less. Others often look to you for advice and guidance.

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Things to ALWAYS Consider:

No matter your personality type and regardless of the pieces you gravitate towards, it is ALWAYS extremely important to consider the type of situation that you are in. For instance, for a job interview, a person may want to wear simple stud earrings or small hoops. If you do wear a necklace, the chain should be thin, with nothing flashy hanging from it. During interviews, people want to give a more conservative impression. Your jewelry should complement you but not take over.

On the other hand, for a party or a night out on the town, you can most certainly wear one of your nicest pieces of jewelry or perhaps something with more sparkle, bling, and flash to it. Have fun with it!

Conservative jewelry is an essential part of a professional wardrobe. Artistic jewelry is more about making a statement. Both styles are valid and necessary in everyday life for just about everyone. Give some thought to what pieces of jewelry you put on each day. They speak about what kind of personality you have whether you are at work or at play. The beautiful part is that NOW you can afford to allow yourself a wide selection of options each day. Here at Wicked Wonders, everything is only $5 +s&h. Shop for all sides of your personality and for every social situation imaginable. We bring you all the bling without the wallet sting!




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