Top Jewelry and Accessories for Brides

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Wedding season is officially upon us! Wedding bells are ringing and so many brides are in the midst of planning their big day. Naturally, with the planning of a wedding comes the inclusion of what to wear. Choosing dresses, shoes, and accessories for the bride and bridesmaids are essential to completing the look and feel of the wedding. If you’re in the midst of planning the final details of your wedding, we’ve got you covered! We’re breaking down some of the top jewelry and accessory picks for brides and bridesmaids-to give you a dose of inspiration for the big day.

Wicked Wonders VIP Bling

Barefoot Sandals

Destination weddings and more casual settings have become much more popular with brides in recent years. Whether your wedding is going to be on the beach, or you want a stylish option to change into when you’re dancing the night away there’s a major accessory option that’s PERFECT for a wedding. The barefoot sandals are the glamorous alternative to going barefoot. Made up of rhinestones and fun details, they give the look of a sandal without actually being a sandal. Think of them as a necklace for your feet. Barefoot sandals allow you to take your shoes off, get comfortable and not worry that your bare feet (or the bridesmaids) will ruin the overall look of your outfit.

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The updated pearl necklace

Pearl necklaces have always been admired for their classic look and appeal. Not to mention the elegance they add to any look. Pearls have been commonly used in the form of accessories and jewelry for brides and bridesmaids because of their elegant look. While they’re a great classic to adapt to a bridal look, right now it’s all about the updated pearl necklace. Pearls in different colors, in layered designs, and incorporating rhinestone details into the pearls-is what this year is all about! These updated takes on pearl necklaces give any bridal look the classic look, in an updated way. One of our favorite pearl necklace updates is the combination of the traditional white with grey tones. It keeps the neutral color palette intact but adds a different twist with the mixture of colors. We’re also all about pearl sets that combine pearls, rhinestones and chains in one piece. Similar to the different color combinations, the different texture mixtures add a unique interest to a bridal look. Combining classic elements with an edgy/glam twist.

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Statement studs

So often, using classic accessories are a go-to for brides. In general, accessories for bridal looks are best done so they complement the dresses rather than overpower them. Stud earrings are a great way to achieve that look, but they can also get hidden behind hair! The answer to this problem? The statement stud earring. With this type of stud earring, you’re getting the best of both worlds, with a stud earring that’s not going to overpower the dress, hair and other accessories but you’ll also have something that won’t be completely hidden behind hair. Of course, styles that are a little bit more glamorous are a great way to add a touch of glam to a bridal look as well.

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