Let's Be Honest...

Let's Be Honest...

TODAY is National Honesty Day!  This day encourages us to be honest in everything we do....today, and every day. We honestly believe you try your best to be honest and you know we do all we can to be the most honest bling business around!

Honesty is a great virtue. If we want people to believe us when it's important, then we need to be open and honest all of the time. We all know about the boy who cried wolf. When a wolf actually appeared, no one believed him.

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To be totally honest, there are few rules for this special day......just be honest.

Origin of "National Honesty Day":
M. Hirsh Goldberg, former press secretary to a governor of Maryland and author of five books, created National Honesty Day in the early 1990s after spending four years researching and writing The Book of Lies. 

Goldberg created this day, because he felt that the month of April, which begins with a big day of lying (April Fools Day), should end on a higher moral note.  We kinda think that rocks, don't you?

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So!  Celebrate National Honesty Day in a completely open and honest way.  And then be honest with yourself.....you need some new bling.  CLICK HERE to shop the Promo Collection (Use promo code VIPLove at checkout for 25% off).

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