Jewelry Actually Makes You Happy... Here Are the Reasons Why!

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We all FEEL like jewelry makes us happy, but did you know that it ACTUALLY DOES make you happy?  Its all psychological and we have the skinny!

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Since history began being recorded we can document that we have been adorning ourselves with baubles and decorations for centuries!  Cavemen captured drawings depicting the use of animal teeth and bones as jewelry.  Ancient Indians also added feathers to the mix.  Seashells were another favorite form of jewel favored by our historical ancestors.  As artisanry evolved we began to see actual jewels folded into the mix, many of which are kept in museums today.

So, WHY do we "decorate" ourselves?

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There are some REALLY interesting answers that we just cannot get enough of!  The window into our psyches was unraveled in the 1940s when psychologist Abraham Maslow developed the "Hierarchy of Needs".  This is a pyramid based on psychological factors.

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Through the Maslow theory, we learn that the wearing of jewelry falls into our higher needs.  For instance, when we consider "Belongingness and Love Needs", jewelry was often used to attract mates as a show of wealth and feminine beauty.  Males would often use jewelry as a way to seek favor with females they were interested in.  In considering friendship, many times jewelry was (and often still is)
 used to show unity within a certain group or 'click'.  Modern-day examples of how jewelry meets our "Belongingness and Love Needs" are engagement rings, class rings, and even "best friend’ necklaces.

Next, we take a look at the "Esteem Needs" section of the hierarchy.  This category reflects our monetary minglings in history.  In the past, the richer you were, the more adorned you were with jewels.  This is deeply ingrained in our historical writings and teachings.  Thankfully we have evolved the available jewelry offerings and now more people are able to afford to decorate themselves with bling and sparkle.  This allows us to feel the same "beauty" that the rich monarchs of yesteryear were accustomed to.

Now, what how about "Self-Actualization"?  Its abundantly clear that wearing jewelry is an AMAZING form of self-expression!  Every piece we choose is a reflection of who we are and our creative awareness.  This self-expression is something we cherish as a way to communicate our style and flare to others and to enjoy ourselves.

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The jewelry we wear can change the way we see ourselves.  It can change the way we feel.  How often do we get super excited when we have picked out the perfect outfit with the perfect jewelry to wear with it!?  How much does it change our day to be starting it off feeling confident, excited and HAPPY?  How great do we feel when we wear a necklace or bracelet given to us from someone special?  Each time you sneak a peek at it, your heart smiles.  

Choosing jewelry with purpose and individual style makes us feel the type of confidence that can only come from within.  When we feel we are our best selves we smile more, we laugh more and we genuinely live happier days.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT!  NOW you don't have to feel guilty about indulging yourself from time to time.  You are contributing to your confident, individual, happy self!  

Go ahead, girl!  Get yourself something and BE HAPPY!


Information courtesy of Simply Psychology.


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