How to Wear and Style Fun Leggings!

How to Wear and Style Fun Leggings!

Oh, leggings! They’re just SO comfortable, aren’t they? Leggings have really grown to become a division of fashion all their own in the past couple of years. They started out primarily in solid black and neutral colors, but oh my how the options have grown! Fun leggings are everywhere, and we have to say we have a pretty great selection of fun leggings ourselves. Fun leggings are fun (obviously), but we wanted to share a few tips on how to wear and style them to give you a little style inspiration to get your stylish juices flowing.

Easy breezy tunic

Does it get any more chic and cozy than leggings AND a tunic? It’s pretty difficult to accomplish, the good news is it’s easy to wear and you’ll feel incredibly comfortable. Our favorite way to wear fun printed leggings with tunics is by pairing a lightweight tunic in a neutral color (think black, white, etc.) OR in a complementary color to the leggings. This isn’t about being matchy-matchy, but rather complimenting the colors that are in the fun leggings. Look at the colors in the print, and pair a top that compliments them, or is in the design of the leggings already. It’s a great way to change the look of your leggings if you’re used to wearing them with a neutral color top. Like the galaxy leggings pictured, try pairing something like these with a royal blue top to really make the colors POP.

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Structured jacket

Another favorite way to change the look of fun leggings is by wearing them with a solid color shirt and throwing a structured jacket over it. The structured look of a jacket can help create an edgy look and feel to your look, especially when wearing a looser fitting shirt.  It completely transforms the look and adds a different feel to your fun leggings-without adding a whole lot of other layers or details to your look. Throw on a pair of heels and you’re ready for a night out in your fun leggings.

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Chambray layers

Leggings are the perfect garments to wear when you just want to be a bit more casual, but still, keep it stylish. Pairing a pair of fun leggings with a traditional chambray button down top is a great way to add that denim feel to your look-think of it like reversing wearing jeans! If you want to create more of a layered feel to your outfit, wearing the chambray button down without buttoning the buttons with a tank top underneath is another favorite way to rock fun leggings. Either way, you wear the chambray shirt, it’s an easy and stylish garment to pair with fun leggings without overpowering the print.


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Keep your shoes neutral

We’re all about having fun with shoes for your outfits-they’re shoes, after all! But when wearing fun leggings with different colors and prints it’s definitely all about wearing neutral color shoes to be sure you’re not overwhelming the leggings. Let the leggings be the focal point and stick with neutral colors that blend in well with the leggings.

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Do you have a favorite style hack to wearing fun leggings?


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