Happy Red Rose Day

Happy Red Rose Day

Happy WHAT?  YEP!  Happy Red Rose Day!  We LOVE everything beauty and bling so you KNOW we LOVE flowers too!

Red Rose Day is a time to enjoy and appreciate America's favorite flower.....the red rose. A red rose signifies love. A June setting for Red Rose Day is very appropriate, as this is by far the most popular month for weddings. And, they are in bloom in the gardens across America this month.

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In addition to being the most popular cut flower, roses are also the most popular flower in flower beds and around the foundation of houses, garages, and sheds. They are easy to grow, producing a bounty of sweet-scented flowers from June up to the first frost.  AWESOME!

Did you know? Each rose color sends a different meaning to the recipient. Make sure you send the right message.  Check out this handy chart for reference!

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The Origin of Red Rose Day

The date for this special day is all over the map (errr, calendar). June 12th is by far the most common date for this day. And, it's logical, as roses are in full bloom in June.

This holiday may have been imported from Australia. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Australia holds a Red Rose Day and Week. The day varies each year.

Celebrate Red Rose Day by:

Buying red roses for someone special or for yourself.  Planting roses around your yard. Buy Rose Bushes.  OR BUY SOME RED BLING!  Click any pic to see all the red bling we have to offer.  CLICK HERE to see all of our ROSE INSPIRED jewelry too!

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