Fashion Trend - Elaborate Eyebrows - Keep It or Kill It?

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Just about a year ago, the fashion world witnessed the ushering in of an extremely whacky, although artistic fashion trend, the elaborate eyebrow.  We break the trend down here and decide if the fashion world should keep it or kill it altogether.

This is a fashion trend that went all sorts of sideways and we honestly get the biggest kick out of it. Let's break down all the different brow trends that made traction.

The Gucci Snake Brow

This brow, while very pretty and artistic, really could only be pulled off by someone who REALLY knows how to draw....on the face (much easier said than done).  In addition, unless you wear this brow all the time, you are going to have an eyebrow gap on your head leaving you looking a bit "disconnected".  Our vote on the Gucci Brow is a thumbs down.  Just too much work.

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The Squiggle Brow

This brow takes quirky to the max and while we appreciate this one for being sorta cute, we cringe at the upkeep.  Either you are shaving your natural brows off completely or you better have some serious plucking time to shape your brows in this manner.  This look will also require some artistic drawing touch-ups to keep the look quaffed.  Our vote, thumbs up for cuteness, thumbs down for maintenance.

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The Bauble Brow

We can't help but be impressed with the creativity of this brow.  It's so cute and super festive!  The bows are super simple to draw with a liquid eyeliner and the gems can be easily attached with skin-safe adhesives.  In addition, you don't have to maim your brows to achieve this look.  Our vote is thumbs up for an occasional festive and fun look.

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Dragon Brows

This look would be relatively easy to achieve but you will seriously need to grow your brows out to perfect the look.  It will also require some pencil fill-ins and a hair gel of sorts to "hold" the brows in place.  Our vote is a thumbs down, having crunchy gel brows seems like it would be irritating to wear.

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Barbed Wire Brows

Much like dragon brows, this "style" will require you to grow your brows out and use a gel to hold the style.  Thumbs down again for how irritating having crunchy brows would be.

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Block Brows

Sorry, this brow just looks ridiculous unless you are channeling your inner rockband (think Kiss).  Our vote, thumbs down because, just no.

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Nike Brow

While sorta cute, this look would require you to shave off half of your eyebrow and draw your brow up your head.  Our vote, thumbs down for how you would end up looking when your make up is off.

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The Split Brow

We actually think this brow is pretty bada$$ looking.  Thumbs down for RAZOR maintenance though.

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The Boxed Brow

Unique and quirky but the look would be a mess when you were growing it out and a nightmare if you were trying to maintain it (that's a LOT of plucking).  For that, we gotta give it a thumbs down.

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McDonald's Arches Brow

No.  Just no.  We can't get behind being a billboard for a fast food chain.  The look would require you to completely shave off your natural brow and draw your "arches" on each day.  Just imagine how this gorgeous woman looks without all the makeup.  Thumbs down.

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Feather Brows

This is the look that started the whole crazy brow trend in the first place.  If you have nice thick bushy brows, this one is actually pretty cool and could be achieved with just a little mousse (so it won't feel so crunchy on your face).  While not for everyone, this look is still pretty cool.  Our vote, thumbs up for ingenuity.

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Lightning Bolt Brows

This look will require you to shave half your brow off and draw in the rest.  Also, it only really looks this bold when you also draw the corresponding eyeliner bolt for the eye.  While beautiful on this woman, it's a bit too "Halloween Costume" for us so thumbs down.

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Rainbow Brows (Rainbrows)

This one is probably our favorite because it's just so pretty.  The best part is that you don't have to mess up your natural brown to wear this look.  It can be achieved with whitening paste and colored pigments that can be washed off.  Our vote is a thumbs up if you want something spunky for a night out.

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Braided Brows

While very artistic these brows would be very difficult to achieve without help from a professional.  Thumbs up because they still look like brows unless you look closely, thumbs down because you probably can't braid your own brows.

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Christmas Tree Brows

We actually LOVE this look for a holiday party and feel these brows would be an amazing conversation starter.  No major alteration of the brow is needed and you will be the most festive face in the crowd.  Thumbs up for festive creativity!

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Crowned Brows

While these require no alteration of the natural brow, we just aren't fans of the heavily gelled look on an eyebrow.  We do think every woman deserves to be a queen, this bling route just isn't our bag.  Statement earrings might be better (wink wink).

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Peacock Brows

We can't help it!  We just think these are so pretty and cannot help but imagine them alongside all of our peacock items.  While obviously not practical for every day, these are super fun for a party!

Wicked Wonders VIP Bling

What do you think about these elaborate brows?  Overall we feel its a trend that probably needs to fade, but its hard to miss how fun some of them might be for the right occasion, especially if paired with the PERFECT BLING (of course we have plenty of that for you here at Wicked Wonders VIP Bling).  


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