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Fashion Should Flatter YOUR Body...

Wicked Wonders VIP Bling

Wicked Wonders VIP Bling

We LOVE fashion.  We love everything about fashion.  We are rather obsessed with fashion actually.  We are also equally obsessed with making women feel beautiful every day.  One thing we see on a regular basis is women making a lot of fashion boo-boo’s that actually take away from the intended look and draw attention to the faux pas.  What we need to understand, and embrace, is that fashion should flatter our individual bodies and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all fashion statement.  While we believe all women should be able to try any fashion trend, we also believe you need to tailor the trend to your specific body.  Here are some common mistakes we see that are easy to fix.  Remember, fashion should flatter you and highlight your beauty as an individual.  With a little consideration towards your particular body, you can rock most any trend and look your best.


We LOVE LOVE LOVE leggings, but we also want you to look your best when rocking them!  The first and MOST IMPORTANT rule with leggings is that leggings are NOT pants.

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Leggings are amazing!  They are versatile and comfortable while also being stylish.  However, wearing them the wrong way can add pounds to your look and can emphasize areas that we generally don't wish to emphasize.

Wicked Wonders VIP Bling

It doesn't matter if you are a size 2 or a size 20....wearing your leggings correctly can allow for a wonderfully laid-back look with style to spare.  Here is what you need to remember.  When wearing leggings you should ALWAYS cover your crotch and bum areas.  ALWAYS.  

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In doing so you elongate the torso area and balance that with your legs.  This polishes the look and draws the eyes toward your fashion-style rather than your ladyparts.   To see all the AMAZING leggings we have to offer, CLICK HERE.

Romper Rage

Rompers are all the rage now and they are super cute if worn correctly.  Most anyone can pull this off if done the right way.  The biggest mistake made is wearing them too tightly or rompers that are too short for a particular body type.

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This lovely lady is stunning.  However, by wearing a "too short" romper on the left and a "too tight" romper on the right, she is drawing the eyes right toward areas that are unflattering for the outfit.  

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By simply choosing a longer and flowier version of the romper, this trend is rocked!  Remember, you can make fashion work for you if you make small adaptations.  By choosing a style for YOUR body, the fashion fits you instead of you trying to fit the fashion.

Correct Sizing 

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This is a rather enormous fashion mistake that all sized women tend to make!  It happens all too often and its so easy to correct.

Wearing "Too Small" Jeans

Let's face it, who doesn't love a great pair of jeans?  They are super versatile and when worn correctly they are amazing.  Where the jeans look goes wrong is when ladies try to wear jeans that are just too small. 

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If you have a muffin-top, you are doing it all wrong.  This look is NEVER flattering and makes a woman look bigger than she is.  Even super small ladies make this mistake and its simply not flattering, no matter who you are.

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By choosing jeans that fit YOUR body, you pull the eye downward and get an elongated and shapely look that is gorgeous.  TIP: If you opt for low rise jeans, unless you have a perfectly flat and toned stomach (most of us don't) you most always need to wear a size large than your normal size to make certain that the jeans are containing your body, not fighting to push it out.

Too Tight Clothing

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All bodies need to be conscious of the tightness of clothing.  When clothing is worn too small or too tight, it gives the look that you are crammed into the style.  A style should flow for your body, not be fighting to push you out of it.

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By flattering your curves and allowing your fashion to flow over your body rather than cling to it, you can rock any outfit and look amazing doing it.

Too Short Clothing

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Wearing clothing that is too short does nothing for most any body type.  It draws attention to parts of the body that make you look larger than you are.  

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By choosing higher waisted pants, you can still rock that crop top!  By choosing a flowier cut, you can still rock that short dress or skorts!  We want you to show your beauty with styles that fit your body and not all bodies can fit all clothing.  We think this is a good thing!  It allows us all to find our individual fashion that looks best on US.  By working the trends to work for you, you create your own sassy and classy style that will keep you looking your best.

Wearing a Bra

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We know, we know.....there is a big "fashion fight" to free the tatas.  We get it, its enamoring to think about, but lets get real.  Its just not flattering for fashion.  You can read countless blogs out there about women who did a social science study and went braless for a week or more.  Very few of them end up believing it is a good idea.  Why?  Because it draws unwanted attention that takes away from the whole idea of being "freed" from the bra.

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Going braless will get you a lot of attention from oogling eyes and in general gives the appearance of laziness toward your look.  By tucking in the girls and shielding the nips from the "nip-struck" eyes of the world, people will notice you and your style, not your tatas.  That is freedom beyond your swinging breasts.

Let's Make This Simple.....

Our favorite fashion rule of thumb.......follow it and you will be headed toward your best look ever, no matter your style.....

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  • Lauren: July 11, 2018

    I completely agree! Wearing clothes that fit well makes a world of difference! I have to admit I’m sometimes guilty of wearing leggings as pants, but they’re always thicker leggings that I’m sure no one can see through.

  • Abby: July 10, 2018

    I love this! Leggings as pants is one of my biggest pet peeves and I don’t understand why people don’t understand how unflattering it is! Thanks for the helpful tips.


  • Heather: July 10, 2018

    I’ve definitely learned as I’ve gotten older just how important it is that your clothes fit well. I’ve had to part with a lot of favorites that just didn’t fit right anymore!

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