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Beach vacations bring out a different style vibe for most of us. Since the beach typically comes with a relaxed atmosphere, it’s natural to feel drawn to more casual style elements. But let’s be honest, even with a more casual atmosphere, adding some accessories to your look is a must for chic beach travel. If you’re planning a beach vacation in the near future, you’re in luck because we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to use accessories for beach travel style. In other words, we’re helping you look stylish without adding a lot of fuss to your beach style.

Opt for colorful pieces

Packing for a beach vacation is generally made up of easy, free-spirited pieces. There’s something about neutrals like white and beige for the beach that always feels appropriate, but when you’re in a beautiful beach location, adding a little pop will pull the look together and add to that tropical feel. Our favorite way to add that pop to your look is by adding a colorful accessory. Colorful pieces are great because you don’t need a lot of them in order to make a statement, especially when you’re traveling to a beach destination.

Wicked Wonders VIP Bling


Think outside the typical accessories

Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are the most commonly referenced accessories. All pieces that we (obviously) love and enjoy styling in a unique way, but those aren’t the only accessories you can add to your style. Vacationing on the beach often means you’re wearing no footwear, or footwear that shows a lot of your foot, leaving room to add anklets to your style. Since the beach tends to come with hot (sometimes humid) temperatures, you may not want a statement necklace as it may feel heavy in the hot weather. Anklets are a great alternative because they’re a statement that allows you to add accessories in a different way, but are delicate enough to not add heaviness to your look while at the beach. Plus, when you’re spending the day at the beach it’s the perfect way to substitute footwear!

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Add statement earrings

Wicked Wonders VIP Bling

Spending time at the beach often comes along with sunshine, and let’s face it, we want to enjoy accessories but don’t want tan lines from our statement necklaces. Like we said, heading to the beach typically comes with that casual vibe and statement earrings are one of our favorite ways to accessorize without worrying about those tan lines. Packing a few of your favorite statement earrings is the perfect way to maximize your accessory wardrobe while you’re traveling, and they add style by simply putting a pair of earrings on. Whether you’re at the beach in your favorite swimsuit or heading to a nice dinner, statement earrings are always a win for the beach in our eyes.

Packing a combination of these beach-ready accessories won’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase, but will ensure that you’re looking and feeling stylish while you’re there!

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