A Beauty Hack You NEED to Try - STAT

A Beauty Hack You NEED to Try - STAT

Winter is here and with the cold dry air comes dry skin.  We all know that exfoliation is the key to keeping your skin happy, but we also know that it can get pricey buying all those special scrubs!  We have the most amazing hack that you just won't believe.  It's so simple, silly really, but it works better than any product we have ever tried. 

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Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  We want you to grab a scrub sponge (the Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Blues are our faves).  Hear us out.  Its a sponge.  So it holds soap.  Its abrasive on one side, so you guessed it, it EXFOLIATES with ease.  

It's SO EASY and so effective!  Grab your NEW (important so as to not have other chemicals involved from prior uses) scrub sponge.  Get it completely wet.

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Load it up with your favorite soap product (Any will work - Shower Gel, Shower Foam, even bar soap).

Wicked Wonders VIP Bling       
Wicked Wonders VIP Bling       Wicked Wonders VIP Bling

Lather up and scrub onto your legs.  Press harder or softer as it is comfortable for you.  Bonus #1, if your skin is especially dry AND itchy, the scrubbing will help so much!  Bonus #2, you can scrub and shave all at once.  With each swipe (make sure to scrub AGAINST the hair growth to kift the hair) of the sponge, just follow with a stroke of your razor.  You will get the "first time shaving" feeling EVERY SINGLE time and it won't GUNK UP your razor!  WINNING!

We know what you are thinking.  We must be nuts right?  Just try it.  You will be amazed.  Its a really inexpensive and highly effective way to keep your skin glowing all year round.  The sponge can be used over and over again as well.  This method will work on all parts of your body.  Its really helpful on elbows and can even be done on the chest (we suggest pushing more lightly when scrubbing on more sensitive areas of skin).  If you have back acne, have someone help you out by also scrubbing your back (plus OMG it feels awesome)!

Wanna step it up a notch?

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 Add a few drops of your favorite body oil to the sponge to add even more moisture.  Our favorite is Johnson's oil gel as it makes it easier to control the amount on the sponge and it doesn't drip anywhere in the shower.  We suggest doing this AFTER shaving so you don't get residue pushed into your razor blades.  (Also be careful as it can make your shower a bit slippery).  

When you are done, you will find your skin feels baby soft with the closest shave ever.  Your skin will feel invigorated and tingly and dryness will be a thing of the past.  We use this technique every single time we shave.  You will be a believer.

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Don't forget to follow up with your favorite lotion before you get dressed!  

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We hope you enjoy this beauty hack.  Comment below with YOUR results!


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