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Make a Statement: The Perfect Work Accessories

We know how mornings can be. You’ve got work, kids, and lunches to pack, but you still want to look cute and feel good about yourself. Whether you’re a stay-home or full-time working mom, Wicked Wonders has the quality and prices you will adore.

Most times we are rushing out the door, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put together some cute work accessories to compliment your look.Go with a simple outfit and then have fun with your accessories! Here are a few of our favorite statement pieces for the working woman.

Wild Infinity Gold or Silver Earrings

Make a Statement_ The Perfect Work Accessories Featured Image 1 Wild Infinity Earring

These Wild Infinity Earrings are lightweight, fashionable, and unique. If you’re not into gold they are also available in silver. And since we sell them for such a discounted price, you could get both! These are perfect for work when you throw on a pair of slacks and a cute white blouse and just want a little something else to enhance your outfit.

Enchantress Gold Cuff Bracelet

Make a Statement_ The Perfect Work Accessories Featured Image 2 Enchantress Bracelet

This Enchantress Gold Cuff Bracelet is just the piece you need! It’s an adjustable and comfortable fit, and perfect for when you’re at work typing away, but still want to add a little something to your look. The different textures on this cuff are what make it one-of-a-kind. We’re sure no one else in your office will be rocking a cuff this cute.

OARS Up Gold Earrings

Oars up gold earrings

These earrings are one of my favorites! They give you a bohemian princess vibe but are still so classy. The OARS Up Gold Earrings would totally compliment a messy bun and red lipstick. The gold looks like it’s a little worn down, but in a perfectly trendy way. These are also available with free shipping for right now, so don’t miss out!

Poshly Pocahontas Brass Cuff Bracelet

Make a Statement_ The Perfect Work Accessories Featured Image 4 Poshly Pocahontas

Our Poshly Pocahontas Cuff Bracelet is exactly what you’re missing in your collection. This is one of those pieces that you can use for work and play. It’s a casual piece but it still makes a statement with the chunky yet chic feel it has. The brass color gives you a chance to mix things up with your style. Gold, silver, and colorful jewelry all compliment this color and leafy design.


Dressed for Success Black Necklace

Make a Statement_ The Perfect Work Accessories Featured Image 5 Dressed for Success

Everything you need to know about this Dressed for Success Black Necklace is in the name. If you want to feel like you’re ready to conquer the world when you walk out the door, this is the piece you need! This awesome necklace will flatter your neckline and bring attention to your outfit. You can pair this piece with just about anything. Make it your go-to, feel-good, necklace!

Roses are Red Silver Ring

Make a Statement_ The Perfect Work Accessories Featured Image 6 Roses Are Red Ring

If you want to enhance your outfit and your manicure, this Roses are Red Silver Ring will do just that! It’s gorgeous, just the right amount flashy, and adds a beautiful sparkle. A popular trend right now is mix matching your rings. This is the perfect ring for that – go with two to three rings for a business appropriate yet modish style!


And that wraps it up! Those are our recommendations for the modern business woman looking to add stylish accessories to her work wardrobe. Go ahead and browse through our entire collection if you’re looking for something in particular.

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