How to Get the High-End Look for Less

Crystal Bracelet

Although a Cartier bracelet and Tiffany’s earrings are pretty much every girl’s dream, your wallet might not agree with your dreams. Luckily, you can always make it a reality by choosing similar looks. There are so many options to get the classy and elegant look without spending thousands of dollars on overpriced brands.

Here are a few choices you can opt for when going for a high-end look:

Get your Bracelets On!

Crystal Bracelet

This Crystal Explosion Black/Silver Snap Wrap Bracelet will add extra style to your New Year’s outfit! We offer various other models that resemble this one, made up of affordable and high-quality material. You can wrap this one on the go, as it’s very easy to put on, and will instantly give you a shine. The crystals on the bracelet give off a lot of shine and create a diamond-like status.

Highlight your Features

Bedazzled Leggings

These comfortable and classy leggings will help you look your best! They are not only a great fit for all body types, but they help show off your beautiful curves with some style. These cute leggings will help you rock any outfit, whether it’s a white V-neck or a gorgeous flowy shirt. Either work!

Top it Off

Long sleeve white shirt

This white long sleeve tunic top will help you complete your outfit in the most fashionable way! With 95% rayon and 5% spandex, comfort couldn’t be better. This long sleeve find is not only appropriate for an everyday look but can be used for evenings, with jeans, and leggings. This flowy yet fit top can be thrown on every occasion and adds to a satisfying and luxurious look. With many designers going for long-sleeves, you’ll be fitting right in!

Gems are Forever

These sparkie silver gem earrings are a must for a high-end appearance.  Adding sparkle to any outfit is almost always necessary to give you some shine. All things bright are often adored by all women, as diamonds are a gorgeous add-on. Use these earrings for evening occasions to give off a lavish look. You’ll be receiving compliments left and right!

Accessorize your Neck

Leaf Choker

What’s more grand than neck candy? This Don’t Leaf Me This Way Choker is the last stop to complete your high-end image. Although it may be work during the day, this one’s for evening drinks with your friends. This beautiful necklace has an adjustable fix and is lead and nickel compliant. It gives a gorgeous addition to any outfit that needs an extra fashionable boost. Chokers are now the new high-end trend, as seen in Rebecca Minkoff, and Shana Gulati.



Though these pieces are great to pull off a luxurious look, you can browse through many more products to get any customized look you want! Shop at Wicked Wonders VIP Bling now, and get the image you’ve always dreamed of, with the best prices out there.

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