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Chic in Corporate: Work-Appropriate Ways to Look Good

Chic in Corporate: Work-Appropriate Ways to Look Good

When it comes to dressing up to go into the office, many times it is assumed you must look boring. This is so far from the truth. It is possible to dress up in a fun, exciting way for the office. The key is to pair basics with statement pieces. Make it interesting by always accessorizing—this is the most important step in standing out in any outfit. Keep on reading for some great outfit ideas to make sure you stay chic in a corporate setting.

Make a suit look good

                If your office requires a strict uniform that includes a suit, turn it into a catwalk-ready outfit. Tailoring is key here. Make sure that each piece is cut to your body. Suits can easily look raggedy if too oversized. Keep it basic with a black shirt underneath and some pumps. Show off your sense of style to your coworkers with a few conservative accessories. Our Do What Makes You Sparkle White Gem bracelet  (below) matched with the Bar Out Silver necklace adds some flair without being too flashy.

Chic in Corporate: Work-Appropriate Ways to Look Good

Corporate casual

                If you work in an office where suits are not necessary, you have a bit more freedom to show off your style. Pair some black denim with a long-sleeved blouse. Add in a black and silver belt and some black pumps. Have some fun with your jewelry selection by working our Fiercely 5th Avenue Trend Blend Blind Side White necklace (below) with The Price of Frame Silver Stretchy Bracelet. A casually professional look with a glamorous touch.

Chic in Corporate: Work-Appropriate Ways to Look Good

Fun and feminine

Show off your girly side while still being professional. Opt for fun patterns paired with a solid matching color. A tight midi skirt with a loosely fit patterned blouse on top is a great option. Have fun with the colors to really make an impact. For fall, burgundy, maroon, brown and deep orange are all appropriate. Match your pumps with your skirt to tie it all together.

Do not forget to accessorize. For this outfit, we suggest either the Rhumburst Brown (below) or the Aztec Attitude Brown earrings. Finalize it with the Blingleader Coffee Brown Statement Ring for a fun twist.

Chic in Corporate: Work-Appropriate Ways to Look Good

Modern monochrome

                We love the idea of going for a modern vibe with a black and white shift dress. Shift dresses are comfortable and slimming, and can make any hard worker look chic. Let the focus shine on the dress and pair with a beige purse and sandals or pumps. Add in the You Can Thank Me Ladder White Rhinestone cuff, My Cave, My Rules Silver necklace and the Moonbeam Light White ring (below). Continue the monochrome look with some pizzazz.

Chic in Corporate: Work-Appropriate Ways to Look Good

The key to any good work-appropriate outfit is to ensure comfort and style take priority. As you will be working, you want to ensure you are not constantly pulling at or having to alter your clothes. If heels are uncomfortable to you, opt for a pair of basic black flats. Remember to keep hems longer than your normal day clothes and avoid anything too tight.

Never skimp on accessorizing to pull a look together. Check out our huge selection of work-appropriate jewels at www.wickedwondersvipbling.com so you can be the most stylish one at the office.

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