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5 Stay-at-Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Stay at Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

If you’re not into spending money on expensive dining, or going all out with Valentine’s Day planning, staying in is always an option. It is a great option if you know how to do it right! Gone are the worries of making reservations, choosing a place, or planning a getaway. You can enjoy your special day right at home.

Check out the best ideas for making your Valentine’s Day extra special at your cozy place:

Make Dinner Together

As cliche as this sounds, it can be pretty fun. You can choose the menu and ingredients ahead of time so that it’s not a hassle to come up with some choices. Whether it’s making sushi, or pasta bolognese, eating your favorite and making it with your date is a great way to celebrate. Test your skills, have fun cooking, and pop a bottle of champagne. You’re about to have a great night!

Set the Mood

Valentine’s Day is pretty much dedicated to celebrating your love with the one that makes you happy and all bubbly inside. Lighting some candles around the room, and putting some fresh flowers on the table can help you recreate the atmosphere you could have at a romantic restaurant. Make sure to dim the lights or even turn them off, so the candles can do the work. You’ll be feeling like you’re elsewhere, although you never left!

Have a Karaoke Night

You definitely don’t have to be the next Celine Dion to enjoy singing out loud. Get out your favorite hits of all times, and prepare for a fun singing competition with your date. Dancing, jumping and getting into the atmosphere of Karaoke will get you hyped up and laughing together in no time. Don’t hesitate or be embarrassed to do creative things! The spontaneous side of you is always the most exciting, and it will definitely break the ice if that’s the case. Go on, pick up the mic.

Get Artistic

Why not flex your creative muscles? Buy two canvases, some brushes, and basic paint, and you’re all set! Put some music on, have some snacks around, and you’ll be having a blast. There’s no need to be the next Picasso when you’re painting in freestyle. From abstract art to pop art, you are free to express whatever you like. If you feel like getting messy, you can also throw around paint on each other’s canvases, and get ideas. Anything is possible when it comes to getting artsy.

Play a Board Game

Yes, we’re back to our childhood. Head to target a few days before the special day, and pick one of your favorite board games. Whether it’s Monopoly or Checkers, it will test your skills and can create a fun atmosphere. Complemented with wine, playing board games is a definite must! Even getting competitive can be a fun challenge. This one’s one of our favorites.

Home is where the heart is! Celebrate your Valentine’s Day by staying in with good company. With noisy restaurants and a ton of traffic, it’s a great idea to stay home and plan this special day. Whether you’re into drinking wine in candlelight, playing card games, or cooking your favorite meal, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. Start planning with the tips mentioned above, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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