5 Statement Necklaces for Men

Affordable mens necklaces long laywered

Necklaces and accessories, in general, tend to be about the ladies quite often. But guys, you can rock some stylish accessories, too. Necklaces for men are a huge trend, that’s only continuing to increase in popularity. If you’ve been feeling a bit bored with your style, adding a statement necklace could be the answer to your style struggle. Necklaces are a great way to add something different to your look, without adding additional layers to your outfit. Summer is right around the corner, after all. We’ve rounded up our favorite 5 statement necklaces for men to try this season, to give you a little inspiration to get started.

The Short Choker Necklace
Short necklaces are great for guys because they’re easy to wear with pretty much anything. You know those days when you just want to be casual with a t-shirt and jeans but feel like you could use another element to your loshort necklace for menok? The shorter necklace is a great addition to a casual look.  The incorporation of the beads and style of the necklace bring about a casual vibe. In addition, the colors in this particular necklace are incredibly versatile making it easy to wear with just about anything.








The Bullet Necklace

We know that guys typically don’t want accessories that feel too feminine. This is why we’re all about the bullet style necklace, with a pendant that’s shaped like a bullet. You’re able to get the inclusion of a necklace into your favorite outfit but in a way that still feels masculine. This bullet necklace is great because of its adjustable length feature, and you will have the ability to wear it in a way that will accommodate and flatter any neckline you wear. Plus, the details with the pendant and knotting make for an interesting element that’s not too over the unique necklaces for mentop.








The Clip Lanyard
Sometimes, you don’t necessarily want a shorter necklace. We know guys want variety, too. We’re all about trying a lanyard style necklace to make a statement in your outfit. This particular lanyard necklace is incredibly easy to wear because of the rope detail combined with the clip element. The details within the actual necklace aren’t too ornate, so you won’t be limited in how you can wear them. You will have a fun and edgy statement necklace to throw on to transform your favorite looks.   Plus, you can rock your work badge if you have one!

Affordable mens necklaces long laywered









The Geometric Necklace
If you’re not really into the clips and bullet elements in a necklace, or you just want another option, geometric details is another favorite men’s necklace style of ours. The geometric elements add an edgy-cool vibe in a masculine way, but still give you a lot of versatility to work with. This out of the box necklace is perfect to add that geometric vibe and mix metals. The mixed metals incorporated here gives you even more variety and a different vibe to the accessory. 

geo metric shape mens necklace










The Light Color Choker

Necklaces are great when they’re versatile, giving you the opportunity to wear them with so many different colors and prints. But we realize you may not always want to stick to black and dark brown, in an effort to mix things up. This is exactly why we’re all about the lighter color neutral for a statement necklace. Like this nuts and bolts necklace, you’re able to have a color that will go with everything but in a lighter shade. Not to mention, the ‘tool’ inspired beads add a cool twist to the necklace. 

Light color necklace for men










Do you have a favorite men’s statement necklace?

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