5 Fashion Items to Help Jumpstart Your Spring Planning

Spring Me to Life

Welcoming the spring of 2018 also means welcoming new statement-making jewelry trends. From over-the-top earrings to bold, colorful designs, spring fashions have a lot in stock. Whether you’re into that dramatic look or looking for something a bit subtler, there are many options to choose from.

Although we can come up with tons more, here are the top 4 jewelry items to help you boost your spring wardrobe:

Ode to Spring Pink Earrings

Ode to Spring

As you can tell by the name, these spring-inspired earrings are definitely perfect for this time of year. With gentle pink stones and a great flower cascade, you can pair these up with some nice jeans, and a top.

Whether you’re going on a romantic date with your loved one, or simply hitting the mall with your friends, these earrings add an awesome touch to your outfit!

Taste of Spring Copper Cuff

Taste of Spring Copper Cuff

No accessory welcomes spring better than these gorgeous cuffs. Wrapped in leaves, this design isn’t only unique, but sure to make you stand out wherever you go! This copper cuff pairs well with a casual dress for an evening out with your friends. Make sure that you’re not wearing long sleeves so you can properly show it off!

It Must Be Spring Ring

It Must Be Spring Ring

This killer ring will make your spring outfit. With its gentle rose petals and beautiful white stones in the middle, the It Must Be Spring ring will definitely give your outfit a cute and unique look. This one’s a definite must for your next blind date or even a shopping spree with your best friend! You can find these rings in various colors and buy matching ones for your girls!

Spring Me to Life Necklace

Spring Me to Life

This one’s our favorite! Made with large wire coils surrounding three green stripes of earthy suede, this is definitely a statement item. Gunmetal springs are interchanging with silver springs across the chest, giving off a pinky and mixed metal look. This necklace is also super convenient with its adjustable clasp closure. The best part? It comes with free matching earrings!

Please Bring Spring Gunmetal Bracelet

Gunmetal Bracelet

This adjustable bracelet is a perfect match alongside your Spring Me to Life necklace. Also made from gunmetal, this adorable piece suits any outfit you have in mind! From the casual jeans and a top, maxi dresses, and jumpers, this bracelet goes with absolutely everything. It’s a neutral color, so you no longer have to worry about matching with your multi-colored outfit.

There you have it! The top items you must have to start your spring planning. If you’re looking for that perfect bracelet to match your look or simply an expressive piece, you have your guide right here. You can always browse more products here!

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