4 spring jewelry fashion trends

Spring Fashion Trends

4 spring jewelry fashion trends

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it? Every time we enter a new season, we’re welcomed with quite a few new and exciting fashion trends. The fashion industry is great at keeping us on our toes in the trend department. While you may not necessarily want to incorporate ALL the trends of the season, jewelry is an easy area to adapt new trends with the start of new seasons. After some observation within the industry, we gathered up 4 spring jewelry trends every woman can try out this season.

Delicate necklaces

Statement necklaces always have their moment of focus, but this spring there’s no denying that delicate necklaces are having a major moment. We’re seeing delicate necklaces in all shapes and sizes, but the common theme is a delicate and dainty chain element incorporated into the design. The great part about delicate necklaces is they’re super easy to throw on with your everyday looks because they’re not major statement pieces they’re much easier to wear. Plus, they’re ideal for layering!

purple simple necklace, affordable delicate necklace great for spring

Layered necklaces

We mentioned above the layering element. While delicate necklaces are great for layering, with this trend we’re actually referring to necklaces that are one piece but LOOK like they’re multiple necklaces layered together. This trend is really the new statement necklace for the spring season. Layering and layered accessories always create a unique look, making it the perfect way to create a dimensional outfit without worrying about actually layering a lot of different necklaces yourself.

funky layered necklace with yellow stones- photos of Paparazzi jewelry short layered necklaces photos of Paparazzi jewelry Cage bird layered necklace- photos of Paparazzi jewelry

Saying bangles

Ok, we’ll admit that bangles seem to be something that is always on trend. Bangles are so easy to wear and incredibly versatile. But recently, you may have noticed the boost in bangles with sayings on them. It’s really taking jewelry and bangles to a new level, by adding in different sayings. Many ladies are enjoying adapting motivational or inspirational saying bangles into their wardrobe as a way to get a little boost of self-love throughout the day just by looking down at your bangle bracelet. Talk about jewelry that’s multi-dimensional.

photos of Paparazzi jewelry - Copper bracelet with written text







Stacked beads

Clearly, it’s all about the layering and stacking this spring season! Stacked beaded bracelets have been a growing trend in the past year or so and this spring they’re a major trend. You’ll likely notice beaded bracelets in a variety of different colors, textures, and sizes making them the perfect type of bracelet to layer. These bracelets just aren’t the same wearing just one at a time. Stacking multiple colors and sizes is the perfect way to create a unique accessory look for yourself, that’s also on trend for the spring season.

pink and silver pearls layered bracelets- affordable jewelry









Of course, much like any trends that we experience from season to season, it’s all about adapting the trends in a way that works for you and your personal style. Style and trends aren’t one size fits all, so get excited about experimenting with different ways to try these spring jewelry trends for your style.

Do you have a favorite spring jewelry trend you’re excited to incorporate?


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