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3 Ideas to Pull Off the Chic Look

3 Ideas to Pull Off the Chic Look Title Image

Every woman wants to look chic and have style. We, women, are busy and hardworking, but we all have the common goal to look fashionable and glamorous without trying too hard. You can go for a casual chic look, boho chic look, or even business chic style. We’ve put together 3 ideas to pull off the chic look, no matter who you are!


Patterned Leggings

3 Ideas to Pull Off the Chic Look Featured Image 1 Patterned Leggings


Don’t be shy! These leggings can be intimidating, but they’re flattering on all women. The vertical stripes will give the illusion of thinner and longer supermodel legs. These black and white striped leggings will go with any solid color top and heels. It’s a quick and easy way to still look chic and glamorous, even when you didn’t spend a lot of time getting ready.


If stripes aren’t your thing, you could also go for something just as head-turning but more simple. The Coming Up Roses Denim Print Leggings look just like jeans but have a more comfortable fit and flatter the body even better. The rose accent on the upper thigh gives your look an extra something, too!



Stack Your Rings

3 Ideas to Pull Off the Chic Look Featured Image 2 stack your rings


Our Hollow Crown Punk Knuckle Ring Set is great for ring stacking. It’s an affordable option and gives your outfit the chic look you’re going for. Ring stacking is a super popular trend right now. It’s such an easy way to pull off the chic look because it’s a minute detail, but adds so much style! For a boho chic vibe, mix up the colors of your rings. It’s effortless and chic all at the same time.

If you love accessorizing your feet, toe rings are another way to pull off the chic look. Imagine a long burgundy maxi dress, brown leather sandals, a cross body purse and decorated toes – so chic and so cute!


Add a Scarf

3 Ideas to Pull Off the Chic Look Featured Image 3 Add a scarf


When all else fails and you are running out the door, add a scarf! It doesn’t matter what season it is – a scarf goes with anything, anytime. If your outfit is feeling a little dull, throw on a wraparound scarf and you’ll be good to go.

For a more business appropriate style you could style a patterned scarf with black slacks, a tucked in button down, and any color heels. A more casual chic option can be skinny jeans, a cotton v-neck, and any color pashmina scarf.  Even if you’re not into winter layers, and winter doesn’t even exist where you live, scarfs are a great way to give your outfit the extra boost. Whether you’re headed toward an exciting concert, or simply grabbing a drink with a friend, adding a scarf to those jeans and that cute top is the perfect add-on. 

Remember that pulling off the chic look does not have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. The simplest looks can be just as fashionable and gorgeous as the next. So there you have it! Our 3 ideas to pull off the chic look will apply to every outfit in every season. Please go ahead and browse our whole collection to amp up your chicness even more.

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